30 Day TV Challenge, Day 1: Show that never should've been cancelled

30 Day TV Challenge, Day 1: Show that never should've been cancelled

(I saw someone post about this challenge on Twitter; and, since I purport to be a TV blogger, I thought I'd jump in.)

This is a tough one. Obviously, Freaks & Geeks and My So-Called Life come to mind, since they each ran only one season. But I think the reason they're so beloved is that they only ran one season. If they'd gone more...maybe not as magical.

For my pick, I'm going to choose a show that was dropped by its network at the height of its quality after only three seasons. The show was later picked up by a streaming service, but too much time had passed and there was too little budget available, meaning that the entire cast was hardly ever together for the run of that season--and it showed. In fact, I basically like to pretend that one Netflix season never existed.

The show that never should've been cancelled (and then rebooted) is...Arrested Development.

What's your pick?


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