What I meant to say

What I meant to say

Dear Friends, Family Members, and Acquaintances,

I'm not used to encountering proud Trump voters in my daily life. I spend a lot of time in my online bubble, reading screeds about how the country is headed down the toilet. I talk to my dog about my feelings. He voted for Johnson, but I think he gets where I'm coming from, even though I can't be sure. He's deaf, and he might only be nodding along with my rants to be polite.

The thing is, when I'm put into a real-life social situation where I have to defend my views, I get tongue-tied. I'm a writer. I speak through my fingers. When I try to say things with my mouth hole, it comes out like, this: "Argle blargle. Poof."

So, as the holiday season continues, and as we head into the Era of Trump, I'm going to use this post to say the things I meant to say, but only thought of on the ride home or the stuff I was too polite to say in person. I will add to this post as I think of more, and I'm going to put the link on a card to hand out at social gatherings.

First of all, I have no idea who would have been better for the economy--Trump or Clinton. I mostly think of the stock market as the time on the news where I run off to get more coffee. But I do know that some of my more pro-economy friends did vote for Hillary Clinton, not because they think she'll be better for business than Donald Trump, but because Donald Trump has the potential to ruin this country in ways that stretch far beyond the economy. Thank you for asking.

Now, if the reason you could never, ever vote for Hillary Clinton (even in the face of Orange Hitler) is because "She wasn't able to keep her own house in order," well, with all due respect and pardon my French, eat a bag of d-- and f-- your face. We just elected someone who cheated on AT LEAST two of his three wives, but you want to condemn a woman for marrying a dog and standing by him? I maintain now and forever--Trump or Clinton or Pence or whoever--WE DON'T KNOW JACK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE'S MARRIAGES. What works for other people, may not work for us. AND THAT'S FINE. The fact that Hillary stayed with Bill (someone who has been her partner for decades, with whom she has a child and grandchildren) should be a non starter. We don't know why. We don't need to know why. IT'S HER BUSINESS, AMEN, GOOD-BYE.


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