New Favorite Christmas Traditions...for Me, and Only Me

New Favorite Christmas Traditions...for Me, and Only Me

This holiday season is not going to be a fun one for me. I'm finishing up edits on one novel (Any Boy But You, which will be available on February 13!) and frantically working on the second book in the series, which is due to my editor by January 1. Free time is sparse, and I'm finding myself looking for those holiday traditions that truly bring me (myself and I) joy. Between writing, and holiday parties, and shuttling my daughter to soccer games, I'm done worrying about superfluous obligations.

I'm not making cookies or hot cocoa mix. I'm not helping out with your bake sale or your craft fair. I'm not going to wrap presents in beautiful paper with coordinated bows. You're getting paper bags from Mariano's.

But while this season doesn't feel particularly Christmasy (maybe it's because of the busy, maybe it's because next year at this time we'll either be worshiping Dear Leader Orange Overlord or Mike "Fucking" Pence, after he and the cabinet work some 25th amendment magic on our government), there are some new traditions I'm really relishing. Here they are:

The Hater's Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog, which is always amazing and should be required reading every year.

MY Advent calendar. The kids have their cardboard ones with the garbage chocolate. I've stuffed my own classy calendar with Dove chocolates.

Hallmark Christmas movies and crossword puzzles. I do these things simultaneously. Somehow doing a smart thing while watching those dumb movies makes them seem less inane.

The Simpsons on FXX. In past years, the kids and I watched Christmas movies every night, but no one seems in the mood this year. We've been mainlining The Simpsons instead. Every episode is On Demand.

Christmas lights in my office. I'm going to keep them up all year round.

What are some holiday traditions you keep just for you?


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