Brief Thoughts on Mitt Romney as Secretary of State

Brief Thoughts on Mitt Romney as Secretary of State
I watched "Mitt: A Documentary about Mitt" a few weeks ago. It was not a great film (unlike "Weiner," which is fascinating), but Mitt and his family seemed nice.
At the beginning of the doc, Mitt and his family are sitting around talking about how he believed it was his duty to run for president. We all know how that turned out.
But "Mitt: A Second Documentary About Mitt Electric Boogaloo" is going to highlight how the universe's actual plan for him was to run as a failed candidate for president, become his party's calm-headed moral center, and then save the world from an orange megalomaniac by becoming Secretary of State.
Save us, Mitt. You're our only hope.

ALSO: The fact that our orange overlord has started pulling potential cabinet members due to unpopular press? Our complaining works! Keep complaining. Keep making noise. Keep pulling for him to choose people who, at the very least, will do very little harm to us domestically or around the world. DJT loves being popular. 


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