Women are not your wives and daughters

Maybe it's the wrong time to be picking on the "good guys" of the Republican party. I mean, they're so brave to denounce Donald Trump's words, while at the same time not rescinding their endorsements for the p***y grabbing presidential candidate.

The fact is, these are the guys who are going to spend the next month trying to convince us to keep voting for the GOP. We're not broken! Believe in us! Maybe they'll tell us Donald Trump has promised to step aside as soon as he's inaugurated so that DEBATE CHAMPION Mike Pence can act as president. Maybe they'll quietly whisper, "Sure sure sure, there's no way Trump will beat Hillary--and, really, we don't want him to--but make sure you get out there and vote in the down-ticket races! We've gotta make it impossible for her to get absolutely anything done during her first two years in office! As patriots!"

But we women can't forget who these guys are. Maybe they're not grabbing you by the groin when you walk down the street, maybe they use dog whistles instead of outright insults, but these are the same folks who want to keep trans women out of the women's restroom. They want to restrict abortion. They want to put justices on the Supreme Court who will repeal Roe v. Wade. They want to defund Planned Parenthood. They don't care about equal pay. They don't care about paid parental leave. They think all single mothers who are on welfare are gaming the system.

Maybe I'm painting them with a broad brush, but that's how they paint us. They do not see us as half the population. They do not understand that we are more than our relationship to them. They are relics with no empathy, who can not see beyond their own privilege.

And it's nice that they think what Donald Trump said was just terrible, but their words are ultimately meaningless. They're still going to vote for him. And next time they're going to nominate a guy who thinks the same way Donald Trump does. He'll just be more polite about it.

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