I'm an undecided voter

I'm an undecided voter

No, not for the presidency. I've been #inthetank and #imwithher since the beginning of this whole process.

But I'm feeling undecided-y about my district's race for state rep.

My choices: Someone who consistently votes against my interests and beliefs, but who has the power to dent the Madigan machine (though he's now backed by the new and shiny Rauner machine--not much better) or someone who tends to be where I am on the issues, but who has less experience and the backing of Mike Madigan.

This isn't a Democrat/Republican issue for me, really. I've voted for Republicans plenty of times, but I'm not going to feel good about it in this instance. I'm not voting for Judy Baar Topinka here. I'm feeling a little like, sure, the ads and newspapers tell me that as a responsible Illinoisan I'm supposed to want to thwart Mike Madigan at all costs. But why? To help Governor Rauner push through his agenda? Wouldn't we be trading one bully for another? And it's not like I trust Rauner any more than I trust Madigan. Also, as one of my family members once said about Barack Obama struggling to work with the Republicans in Congress, he's the leader. Shouldn't Rauner be able to get everyone in the room and work out a compromise?

But neither of the rich, white men running our state government understand the meaning of that word.

As far as our Republican incumbent goes, he does tend to break party lines, so that's good. He's not bought and paid for, at least he wasn't before Rauner stepped and threw a whole bunch of money at his campaign. What does that buy Rauner? How does that coin affect one of the lone independent voices in our state legislature?

And then I'm like, why should I vote against my own beliefs just to stop Mike Madigan? It's not my fault he is where he is, and damned if I'm interested in fighting the governor's battles for him. A good portion of me wants to burn it to the ground--all of it. Make Illinois Rubble Again.

So, yeah. I'm undecided. I keep waffling on this. And my vote does matter because it's a tight race.

I get it, people who can't decide between Clinton and Trump. I feel your pain. Except I'm hemming and hawing about two fairly reasonable candidates and you're thinking about choosing a hairy Cheeto who likes to grab women's flowers.

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