What's your end of summer song?

What's your end of summer song?

I never realized I had one until just now.

Yesterday Lainey Gossip posted a Salon article in which the writer said he listens to Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" once every August to signal the start of fall. Lainey added that her end of summer song is "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

Both, I think, are really good choices. I hadn't listened to "Boys of Summer" in a while, and it's as wonderful as always.

My end of summer ditty is a song that takes me back--way back now--to one specific August. It was a new song at the time, on a new album, and I listened to it continuously while packing for my freshman year of college, and while driving around Chicago during my last days at home, and while crying my eyes out alone in my dorm room, missing my boyfriend and waiting for my roommate to show up. (What a fool I was!)

I most vividly remember listening to this song on the first day of freshman orientation. I had already been at Butler for about two weeks, because I had to take remedial music theory, because that's what awesome people do. The school had been pretty empty up to that point--it was just me and my fellow theory campers, plus a bunch of athletes. But on the day of The Song, the hallways were crowded with people, and I remember one cute boy I never saw again stopping by my room to say hi while I was putting up posters and rearranging the furniture before my roommate got there. (Something that would get me in trouble with her later on as well--dun dun DUN! Kids, talk to your roommates before rearranging stuff. This has been a lesson from Auntie NeeNee.)

So what was the song? I've left you in enough suspense. It's a song that feels like fall and college and the late '90s. It also feels very much like Felicity, one of my favorite shows, which is never a bad thing. The song is Sarah McLachlan's "Building a Mystery," and I think its time has come again.

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