What are your 7 favorite films?

What are your 7 favorite films?

Why seven? I don't know. Seven's the number, man. Also, Twitter says so. For the past few days, Twitter has been hash-tagging up a storm: #fav7films, #fav7pies, you name it.

I left my list of seven movies on our illustrious leader Jimmy Greenfield's Facebook page, but I'm copy/pasting it here for you to see/argue about and so I can tell you why these seven films made my list over many others.

You learn a lot about yourself when you make a list like this. For example, I was sure I'd have more rom-coms or teen movies on this list, but I don't. Maybe I'm maturing.

Here are my seven, in no particular order:

1. Boogie Nights: I've maintained that Boogie Nights is my favorite movie for the past, whoa, almost twenty years now. I didn't like it all that much when I first saw it, but upon subsequent viewings (many subsequent viewings, thanks to a friend in college who kept this movie playing 24/7 for about a month), I really came to appreciate everything about it. The filmmaking and script are unbelievable, thanks to genius Paul Thomas Anderson. The soundtrack is everything. The CAST--oh my god, the cast. This movie came out in 1997. I don't think you realize how many of these people were not household names at the time. The biggest names, probably the only people in the film I really had much knowledge of beforehand, were Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds, and William H. Macy (and, OK, I guess Philip Baker Hall and Alfred Molina). But the rest of the cast is made up of future "actors you've heard of"--Julianne Moore, Don Cheadle, John C. Reilly, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Heather Graham, Thomas Jane, Nicole Ari Parker, and Melora Walters. If all you know of this movie is that it's about porn, you've been mislead by the mainstream media.

2. Goodfellas: This is the Boogie Nights of mobster movies (or maybe Boogie Nights is the Goodfellas of porn industry movies), and it's Martin Scorsese's best film, full stop. Goodfellas is such a journey. It's so fluid and beautiful and terrifying.

3. Tommy Boy: I am a comedy gal. I usually go for absurd over obvious, but Tommy Boy somehow manages to walk the line between both. Chris Farley and David Spade are adorable together. This is one of those films I wasn't expecting to love, but I did. I'm pretty sure I know the entire thing by heart I've seen it so many times.

4. The Goonies: We've certainly reached the "I can recite every line" portion of the list. I recently rewatched The Goonies, and I think it holds up. The kid actors make the whole thing. Sean Astin is adorable, Josh Brolin was my first movie crush, and Marth Plimpton is the one I look to now as the underrated utility player. Also, "Goonies R Good Enough" is the best movie song never to have been nominated for an Oscar.

5. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery: Like Boogie Nights, I didn't like this one when I first saw it. But after many, many, MANY subsequent viewings, I came to appreciate every frame of this film and every performance in it. The other two movies in the trilogy only serve to enhance the first one, bigly--Mini-Me and Fat Bastard weren't even in the original. (I still think #1 is the best. But I do have to ask, who does #2 work for?)

6. Moulin Rouge: Baz Luhrmann is pretty hit or miss for me. I went into watching Moulin Rouge not expecting much, and I walked out in tears. This film has one of the best onscreen love stories ever. The music still blows me away. Nicole Kidman has never been better or more gorgeous.

7. Children of Men: I could've gone with a movie I know better for this last slot. I considered several other options--Se7en, Speed, other one-word titles that start with "S." But when I started to think about filmmakers who have made a huge difference, whose films I love, Alfonso Cuaron was at the top of the list, and this movie is his finest piece of work. If you like action, these scenes are among the best ever shot. If you like suspense and grit and high stakes, this is your film. It's a thriller masquerading as an art film. This is quite simply one of the best films of the 21st century. Yule love it!


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