Dead Draw premiering at San Diego Film Festival

Dead Draw premiering at San Diego Film Festival

For the past several years, our friend Brian Klemesrud has been working on his film Dead Draw--a heist film shot during the Polar Vortex of 2014, kind of Reservoir Dogs meets The Thing starring Billy from Ally McBeal. John (Man Hammervision) is a co-producer on it, which is the official connection to our blog, but this isn't just "Wow, cool, our friend did a thing."

Thirteen years ago, Brian, John, and I were all newly on our own. We spent many, MANY nights watching the Cubs and drinking at the bar where Brian worked. I was teaching, John was in law school, Brian was tending bar. We all dreamed of bigger things--I wanted to write, John wanted to make movies SOMEHOW, and Brian wanted to direct his own film.

Thirteen years later, we're still dreaming those things, but now they're actually happening. I have a book on the shelves and the guys have a movie that will be premiering at the end of this month in San Diego.

That's a big flash forward from teacher/law student/bartender during the summer of Steve Bartman (yep, that's how long ago) to writer/producer/auteur. That doesn't illustrate the HARD work, the money, the tears, the disappointments, and the frustrations in between, because that shit's BORING. But thirteen years later, we're finally making it happen.

Maybe the Cubs will get it right this year, too.

I wrote a book! It's YA novel, THE SOUND OF US. You can find the details right here! Kirkus calls it "a winning story about a teenage voice student that hits all the right notes."

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Congratulations, BK! We're so proud of you and so excited that people finally get to see this great film!


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