We're all voting for the same person, so why are we fighting?

We're all voting for the same person, so why are we fighting?

I spent the past weekend with my family.

We're all voting for Hillary Clinton.

Some of us are "raging liberals." That's a direct quote.

Some of us were reluctant Hillary supporters who turned the corner toward "enthusiastic" after the Democratic National Convention.

Some of us would certainly be voting Republican, if the Republican nominee were anyone but Donald Trump.

We all agree that, despite the fact that he has the best temperament and the best words, Donald Trump would be a disaster as president. Sad!

So, why are we fighting?

Is it because some of us our actively excited about our candidate, while others will have to have to close their eyes and think of England while voting this year?

I've done that before. I've done it a lot, actually, now that I think about it. I was happy to vote for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, but in 2000 and 2004, I cast my vote with more of a shrug, honestly. For mayor and governor I've picked the lesser of two evils more often than not, I'm afraid.

But this year, I do think the choice is clear. We're choosing between temperament and temper. We're choosing between inclusion and delusion. We're choosing between becoming the movie Idiocracy and postponing that inevitability for at least another four years.

I suppose this year "independents" are upset their "independence" has been taken from them. And conservatives are miffed that their choice is between someone who doesn't reflect their values (also possibly someone they've been groomed to despise for 25 years) and someone who could potentially ruin western civilization.

It sucks. I get it. But this is a line in the sand moment, and I am glad, proud to be voting against the kind of change that would drive us all farther apart.

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