Lego Disney minifigures: No #WheresRey here

Lego Disney minifigures: No #WheresRey here

Lego will debut their first collection of Disney minifigures in May, which is fun.

One thing I noticed is that a full 1/3 of them are female characters. That' improvement on the usual 1/4 ratio, I guess? Problem is, Disney is chockablock with female characters just begging to be minifigured. (No, I'm not counting the Lego Friends-style princess characters. You're not a real Lego unless you're a minifig.) Maybe by series two, Lego will be willing to go 50/50 boys and girls.

I'm kind of annoyed they've mini-figured the brother one from The Incredibles instead of Violet. I don't even remember the brother one's name, but I sure do remember Violet. Violet rules all. (Oh, now I remember. It was Dash. Still.)

The good news is, they've barely touched on Pixar with this series. Fingers crossed for a minifigure Trixie the triceratops. Oh, and a minifigure Sadness!

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