If you disagree with this post, you are a bully

If you disagree with this post, you are a bully

The other day, I was reading one of my favorite gossip sites, Lainey Gossip. In the Smutty Social Media post, there was an Instagram photo from one Ms. Jaime King, member of Taylor Swift's crew and...actress...?

She tossed up quite the screed about another of my favorite gossip sites, Go Fug Yourself, calling the Fug Girls bullies for making fun of her outfit (which, come on, is kind of their whole thing). I believe she has since deleted the rant. And it was a RANT.

The eye-rolly "I'm a victim!" gist was pretty much what you'd expect -- disparaging other people's art, not respecting the sisterhood, bringing feminism down, like, a NOTCH. It was the kind of nonsense you'd expect from your slightly-unhinged millennial relative on Facebook if you were to innocently make a joke about Bernie Sanders. #FeelingTheBern is NO LAUGHING MATTER, you shit-brained weasel!

The thing that annoyed me about it was A) the Fug Girls are awesome and I have always been my blogging touchstone. I should get a bracelet made with the letters "WWFGD?" Yes, they make fun of people's clothes, but that's all they make fun of. They don't poke fun at your weight or age or personal tragedies. They focus solely on the clothes celebrities choose to leave the house in (which is big business for the celebs, stylists, and designers alike, so worthy of some criticism and cynicism). B) This Insta post was way more about JAIME KING than it was about taking a stand. Which is probably why someone (Taylor Swift, I'm guessing) told her to take that shit down.

Still, it speaks to a larger issue in our culture right now -- the issue where everyone who disagrees with me is wrong and must be silenced.

We see this in the world of film and television, where critics are told to stop doing their job if they can't like everything. This kind of thinking was all over the place last week while critics were lambasting the new Batman v Superman movie, which is quite a large hung of low-hanging fruit. It's a gigantic, expensive film on which a studio has a TON riding. Granted, some critics (me included) probably wanted to see the film crash and burn, but that doesn't negate their right to pan it. Also, I think most critics strive for honesty, and welcome pleasant surprises when they come their way. You don't think loads of people were rooting for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to be a giant, costly turd? Sure they were. But when it revealed itself to be a good (better than good) movie, critics were very happy to say that it was. There's so much garbage out there, people who have to watch stuff for a living, are happy when they find something more than decent.

The other, more dangerous place where this is becoming A Thing is in the political arena, where we have a certain presidential candidate (*cough* Orange Ogre *cough*) expelling people from his rallies when they have differing views from his. He aims to silence those who challenge him. He wants to "open up" libel laws when he's in office, making it easier to prosecute journalists who question his methods and records. He appears only to want to serve those who subjugate themselves to his whims and rules.

It's cute and annoying when celebrities and fanboys want to shush the negative nellies. It's darn right dangerous when it's a politician who's doing the silencing.

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