Things I've been thinking about...("World is going to shit" edition)

Things I've been thinking about...("World is going to shit" edition)

Even though the Trump-loving base is vocal, aren't most people anti-Trump? Why don't the other candidates (or one other candidate) step up and declare themselves foaming-at-the-mouth moderates? Like, "I love the 2nd amendment, of course, but maybe we should look at restrictions and/or registration options. Maybe thoughts and prayers aren't working." Or, "Who cares how I or President Obama labels things. Terrorism is terrorism. The two muslims in California do not speak for every other muslim the same way that dude at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado doesn't speak for all Christians." Or, "Abortion is legal, whatcha gonna do? If you want one, get one. Maybe you'll go to Hell, maybe you won't. That's none of my business."

But I guess that would make them Democrats?

Honestly, Ted Cruz scares me more than anyone. He's an effete mound of Harvard-and-Princeton-educated, Canadian-grade poutine grease. He's smart as hell, but he plays down to the lowest common denominator. And he knows exactly what he's doing. He, I'm quite certain, will be the end of all of us.

Though, I must admit, I would love to see him debate Hillary before the general election.

Fargo is a great show, and all of you should be watching it, in your bunkers.

If you're still alive and have time after you finish Fargo, watch The Leftovers.

I'm used to drinking my coffee black, but I confess I've been lacing it with a few drops of egg nog recently. We're all going to die anyway!

I am a terrible liberal who buys Oberweis egg nog because it's the goddamn best.

I dropped off my kid at school on Saturday for an event. Before he went inside, I noticed a middle aged dude in a hoodie skulking around, testing all the doors. I didn't recognize him and it scared the bejeezus out of me. Chances are, he was just innocently testing those doors (come to think of it, maybe he was checking them to make sure they were locked, so no other crazy gunmen might get in), but I freaked out. My heart was in my throat until I picked up my son, safe and sound, three hours later. This is my life now, because of freedom.

But I got to meet a tiny new puppy that same day, so it's not all bad.

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