The Perfect Red Lipstick

The Perfect Red Lipstick

I may have found it.

Last year I had to go to a very fancy soiree and I decided I needed a red lip. I half-assed it. I bought a cheap-o liner from the drugstore and the first red that seemed to fit my skin tone. The liner, which was one of those mechanical types, broke the second I pressed it to my lips. The lipstick, while a decent color, kept bleeding past my lip line, migrating toward my nose and chin. I gave up and went back to my tried and true '90s brownish-berry color.

Which is kind of how I got here, to my new red lipstick, the liner that goes on smooth and the color that doesn't bleed.

My '90s color is actually a mix of two things -- NARS's Pigalle lipstick (a dusky, brownish rose) and Tarte's Envy LipSurgence lip tint (a light berry color). I love both of these products. Everything NARS does is topnotch and the Tarte lip tints are great "I have five seconds to jazz myself up" lip colors.

I thought maybe I might be able to combine the powers of these two companies to create the right, low-maintenance red lipstick for myself. Because I am both glamorous and lazy.

I bought the NARS lipliner in Cruella, which is like using a Crayola marker, it's so easy. And then I got the Tarte LipSurgence in Fiery, which is more blue-red than orange-red, despite the name. I swipe on the liner then follow up with the lip tint. It takes about five seconds. The color doesn't bleed and it stays put.

I am in love, and I also may look mildly crazy running my kids to school in yoga pants with my face all done up like I'm going to a ball. But I don't care. I am fancy.
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