Which celebrities should survive a pop culture apocalypse?

Mere hours after I wrote my greatest post of all time about how there's nothing left to write about, my sister-in-law tossed me an inspiration doughnut on Facebook:

"If there really is a secret underground doomsday bunker to allow the human race to survive an apocalyptic event, we need to make sure Fallon, Timberlake and Degeneres are inside. Otherwise there's really no point."

Obviously, she's wrong. If there's an apocalypse, our collective resources should not go to saving Justin Timberlake, of all people. Nor should we feel concern for Jimmy Fallon's safety. Their time has come and gone. Ellen Degeneres, too. Throw her to the wolves.

Metaphorically, speaking.

Because, while zombie apocalypses are very real and in our near future, I'm more concerned (and excited by!) the thought of a pop culture apocalypse. What if the whole entertainment infrastructure imploded and we had to decide who got to keep their spot in in the public eye and who got sent to the unemployment line?  Whose names would we gladly keep uttering and whose names do we hope never to say again?

Here are my picks. Let me know yours in the comments.

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