Steve Rannazzisi and other celebrities who have been caught lying

Steve Rannazzisi and other celebrities who have been caught lying

Today our fearless leader, Jimmy Greenfield, posted on Facebook about comedian/actor Steve Rannazzisi (you may know him from The League), who scripted a Twitter apology today. (A Twitpology? It fits.) He admitted that he lied about being in the World Trade Center (the 54th floor, no less) on September 11, 2001. He admits now that it was a lie, after a reporter called him out on it. He doesn't know why he said it in the first place or, presumably, why he kept saying it during the fourteen years hence.

It was a dumbass thing to do. That's really all there is to say about it. His career will suffer. Those of you who didn't know his name before today will forever think of him as that idiot dude who lied about being in the Twin Towers.

It got me thinking about other celebrities who lied and got caught. There have been a lot of people who've lied about their ages or covered up affairs or tried to pin a drug arrest on an assistant, but I'm more interested in those who concocted YOOGE untruths in order to get ahead in their respective careers. I'm sure there are some people who have lied and not gotten caught, but I think the lesson here is this -- lying is career suicide.

I guess the most famous (or maybe just most recent) of these is America's news anchor, Brian Williams. He made up all kinds of shit -- from being struck down in a helicopter to rescuing puppies. He's been demoted to MSNBC for his sins.

Milli Vanilli never sang their songs, and they never reached Grammy heights again once they let the public hear their real voices.

James Frey told a million little lies to Oprah. Now he's copying The Hunger Games, like a boss.

Manti Te'o's whole catfishing internet girlfriend thing back in 2013 marks the one and only time I've been interested in anything having to do with college football. Making up a dead girlfriend? That's low. That's "I was in the Twin Towers" low.

Have you ever lied about something and then kept lying about it until it became the accepted truth? I once fell down the stairs in my parents' house. I was about thirteen at the time. My knee went right through the new drywall at the bottom of the basement stairs. I knew my dad would be upset. (I should've realized he'd have been more concerned about my safety and well-being, but all I could see was, "He's going to be pissed that he has to refill this hole!") I VEHEMENTLY stated that it wasn't me. My brother said it wasn't him (because it wasn't). Eventually we all landed on "Maybe it was the dog?" I finally told the truth right before I got married.

My parents never spoke to me again.

That's not true. We all had a good laugh and moved on, because that lie in no way affected my career.

Crime doesn't pay. If you lie, the truth will come out. These are all good, very entertaining (when you're on the outside) life lessons. Who are your favorite celebrities liars? And will you keep watching The League or ever consider patronizing a Steve Rannazzasi comedy show ever again (or for the first time) now that you know the truth behind his 9/11 story?

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