7 most frequent questions a not-yet-published author hears

7 most frequent questions a not-yet-published author hears

I'm in that weird limbo between my book being sold and my book being published. When I run into friends and family members, even ones I see very frequently, I get asked a lot of the same questions. I welcome the questions, actually. 1) Writing is a very solitary thing. It's nice when people in your life ask how things are going. 2) When I started thinking about getting published, I knew jack all about the publishing business. Books appear on shelves. I buy them. What more could there be to that process? I understand that the laymen in my life don't have the acquired knowledge I do. I'm happy to have the opportunity to be a know-it-all to the people in my life I care most about.

1. Isn't your book done? What's with this revision nonsense?

Ah, it's never done until it's on the shelf. Remember how back in high school you'd write a paper and the teacher would expect you to revise it and you'd just type it up, read it once, and turn it in? That's not how publishing works. This is the BIG GAME. This summer, I worked on structural edits -- moving scenes, deleting scenes, adding scenes. In the next round, I may have to do more of that. Then I'll have to work on making the words flow better and then I'll have to worry about all that nitpicky stuff like commas and semicolons and whether or not I called a character "Dave" in the first scene, but refer to him as "Joe" for the rest of the book. IT HAPPENS.

1. Okay, but where can I buy your book?

Nowhere. It's not out yet. It won't be out until fall.

2. So, like, soon?

No. Like, next fall. I think. Or summer. I don't have a specific date for you. If I knew, I'd tell you. Believe me. It's not going to be, like, a surprise Beyonce album drop. I want you to know about my book. I want you to buy it. BUY IT. Please.

3. Will you have a party? You should have a party.

I promise. I'll have a party.

4. Are you working on the book now?

Now? No. I turned it in to my editor a few weeks ago.

5. Yay for you. So, you have nothing to do, right? You can kick back and binge BoJack Horseman until the book comes out? Being a writer is so glamorous! 

Uh, well, no. That book's with my editor right now, so I'm using this time to work on what will hopefully be my next book. I'm actually pretty frantically trying to finish it before my editor sends me new notes for the first novel, because then I'll have to jump back into A Place for Us mode.

6. Is it hard to work on more than one book at once?

Again, I'm not working on more than one book at once. I work on one book at a time, when possible. Right now I'm working on book two (which, no, is not a sequel to the first book -- they are completely unrelated -- and, no, I don't know if I'll ever write a sequel to the first book). I'm not thinking about the first book at all right now, honestly. The first book and I need some time apart.

Also, the publishing business is SO SLOW (I hope you're getting that, at the very least, from this post), that if I put off writing anything new until the release of the first book, it could be another six years before my second book hits the shelves. Also also, working on something new takes my mind off the stress of waiting for notes or rejection or something, anything to happen at all. It keeps me from refreshing my inbox all day, waiting for emails that never arrive.

7. But you're rich now, right?

Hahahahaha! Yes. So rich. In life and experience. Rich because I get to spend all day pushing myself creatively. Rich because I get to spend that time wearing sweatpants or my comfortable clothing of choice. Very, very rich. Rich as balls.

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