New Web-Series "Variety Pack" Aims To Bewilder and Bedevil

New Web-Series "Variety Pack" Aims To Bewilder and Bedevil

In the mood for something a little different?  A little silly?  A little gonzo?  Well, how 'bout something that's a lot of all of those things?  If so, you might want to check out a new web-series called VARIETY PACK, which launches online this Sunday, August 23.

The series was filmed completely in Chicago on a shoestring budget of $300.  Yes, you read that right.  $300.  Series producer Daniel Kolen probably says it best, "This thing was 100% guerrilla."  And, you'll be shocked at what the filmmakers were able to accomplish with such a stripped-down production.  This is especially true given the fact that they were able to create 10 whole episodes.

Granted, those 10 episodes all run approximately 2-3 minutes in length, but, you know what they say, it's all about quality not quantity.  I've had the opportunity to preview all 10 episodes, and I was immediately impressed with the production quality - both in front of and behind the camera.  The editing is particularly great - it's flashy, confident, and provides the main source of comedy.

As for the story, well, best to let the viewer suss that one out.  The focus is on the more psychedelic, stream-of-consciousness elements, and less on any linear plotting.  Basically, VARIETY PACK follows an author, Bernie Weintraub (Chicago theater veteran Gary Murphy), as he tangles with a deranged therapist, a demonic street vendor, a devious meditation guru, and others.  It's hard to separate Bernie's reality from the fantasy, but that's the point.

The series was created by Melané and Roger Jelly, the duo at Cognitive Break, a production company based in Uptown.  Want to know more?  Check out the trailer here, or head to the show's Facebook page here.  And, as always, keep supporting local filmmakers!

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