This is my 67th Primetime Emmy Awards reaction post

This is my 67th Primetime Emmy Awards reaction post

I missed hearing the nominations LIVE! this morning because I was working on my fitness (humblebrag). But as I opened up the internet to see who was recognized and who got snubbed, I kept thinking, "Eh. There are like three shows I care about -- Veep, Silicon Valley, Kimmy Schmidt, OK, maybe a few more -- Mad Men and Better Call Saul."

But then I started reading through the nods and realized that there are some folks (and shows) we can for sure root for when the Emmys finally air whenever they air.

Here's my breakdown:

Best Drama: It's all about Mad Men, really. I know people are sad that Empire wasn't recognized here, but come on. We all love Empire, but it's popcorn. If the Emmys are truly about "the best," I wouldn't put Empire in that category. Downton Abbey on the other hand, hahahaha. No. That show is garbage, and just as soapy as Empire. And, yes, I've seen every episode. Go home, Downton Abbey.

The other nominees? Game of Thrones? I love it, but it's flawed. It may have aired its best ever episode this season, but the season on the whole was weak. Orange is the New Black? Which season is nominated here? If it's two, then YES. That season was fantastic. House of Cards? I quit it. Better Call Saul? Love it. Homeland? Quit it decades ago.

Best Comedy: I want a three-way tie among Kimmy Schmidt, Veep, and Silicon Valley. The rest (Transparent, Louie, Modern Garbage Piece of Shit Family, and even my beloved Parks & Rec) can go home.

Limited Series: Whatever.

Lead Actor in a Drama: This is Jon Hamm's. Jon Hamm must win this. He's never won before, and it's ridiculous. Otherwise, Bob Odenkirk is a delight on Saul, and Kyle Chandler was terrific on the dreadfully tedious Bloodline. Let's pretend we're not still talking about Jeff Daniels on the Newsroom.

Lead Actress in a Drama: People will be mad if Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) doesn't win this, and I think she will. My second choice is Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men, just for walking down the hall carrying a box of erotic art, basically.

Supporting Actor in a Drama: I'm missing Michael McKean here for Saul, but Jonathan Banks's fabulousness cannot be denied. Of course Peter Dinklage, because he's the only actor anyone knows from Game of Thrones. I would've acknowledged either Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) here, or Stephen Dillane (Stannis Baratheon), over Tyrion.

Supporting Actress in a Drama: If Lena Headey loses out to freaking Joanne Froggatt...nope. That's not going to happen. This is Cersei's award. Unless they give it to Joan Halloway-Harris, which I can't argue with.

Lead Actor in a Comedy: Whatever. Seriously. WHATEVER.

Lead Actress in a Comedy: I really want Amy Poehler to win this one. Or Lily Tomlin.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy: TOO MANY GOOD NOMINEES. My heart is with Andre Braugher, who gives a master class in line reading each week on Brooklyn 99. But OH MY GOD, Tituss Burgess for Kimmy Schmidt and Keegan Michael Key for Key & Peele. AND Adam Driver AND Tony Hale. Ty Burell is totally going to win, isn't he?

Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Eh? I don't feel as passionately about these supporting actresses as I do about the actors. I'll stick with my Veep and Kimmy Schmidt love and root for Anna Chlumsky and Jane Krakowski.

Who are you rooting for?

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