Game of Thrones Winners and Losers: Hardhome

Well, that was a fabulous episode of Game of Thrones. In rewatching it for screen grabs this morning, I was really struck by how great the Hardhome stuff was. Just perfect. This is how you enhance the books, TV writers. And nary a rape in sight!

A few things, that may be spoilery, so proceed with caution...

1) A not really spoilery complaint: In the books, Arya's oyster-shilling alter-ego's name is Cat of the Canals, which would've been a nice nod to her mother and maybe an indication that she's not altogether ready to give up her Arya Stark identity. I'm not sure why they changed it to Lana (and then also added a Lara, like that's not confusing). Maybe it's because that thing we were all pissed about not happening last season that everyone involved has said is not going to happen is actually going to happen at the end of this one??? Maybe everyone has been lying to us? A girl can dream.

2) Spoiler-based theory: I am going to get a little ahead of the show with this prediction, so if you haven't read and want to remain unsullied, stop reading. Here we go...Now that Sansa knows that Bran and Rickon are alive, I'm wondering if she'll be proactive and send her guardian outside the gates (AKA Brienne) to go look for them? It would be a way for Brienne to continue her quest to protect Catelyn's heirs. In the books, Davos is the one who goes looking for Rickon, but the show does not seem interested in furthering Davos's character, so...Not that Davos can't also look for Rickon. Maybe next season will just be a whole bunch of people looking for Rickon. Wouldn't that be a dream come true? Rickon + Petyr Baelish's dagger = the world's savior

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