What's on your reading list?

What's on your reading list?

I was listening to The Readers podcast yesterday and the topic was to-be-read piles. The two hosts keep physical piles of books as their reading lists, probably because they get a lot of books sent to them. People don't send me books to review (please do if you want to, though), and I don't have the money or space for giant piles of unread books, so my to-be-read pile is in list form.

I started keeping a to-read list in the reminders on my laptop. I'd come across a book on a blog or a friend would recommend a title to me, and I'd add it to the list. When I finish a book, I check it off. Now that I can sync my phone with my computer, I can add books on-the-go. It's a lovely thing.

But the list never seems to get shorter. For every book I read, I probably add about three more to the pile. I told my mom that there are something like fifty books on my list right now, and she appeared horrified. I think she's a one-book-at-a-time person. She finishes one and picks a new one.  My list doesn't stress me out, it's just a compilation of books that sounded interesting to me once. However, since I'm a magpie who's attracted to shiny new things, I always feel compelled to read the most recent books on the list rather than going back to the top.

I think that's okay, though. I add books for different reasons -- because I'm working on a manuscript that's kind of similar, because I'm in the mood for romance or science fiction or a classic. When it comes time to pick a new book to read, my list is filled with all different kinds of books, books to fit every possible mood.

The books in the picture are my most recent adds. What's in your to-be-read pile? How do you decide what to read next? And do you have any good book recommendations? I'm always looking.

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