The worst thing about the NCAA basketball tournament

The worst thing about the NCAA basketball tournament

My alma mater (Butler University) played during the late game last night, and they delivered an amazing game against Notre Dame. It was close the entire time, though they ended up losing in extra minutes. Roosevelt Jones is my new name/basketball hero.

But as far as TBS/CBS/Les Moonves/whoever makes these kinds decisions were concerned, the most important person in Pittsburgh last night was some old white dude in a blue button-down.

Actually, that's not fair. He wasn't just "some old white dude," he was the father of one of Notre Dame's players, Pat Connaughton. The broadcasting powers-that-be decided to mic him during the game. I don't know why. I recall that they cut to the audio once, which was just a series of "ughs," "ohs," and "yeahs," that you'd expect from either a father watching his kid play college basketball or a porn star about to blow. It was a true exercise in pointlessness, the kind of exercise in pointlessness that sports do best.

For the rest of the game, whenever something big would happen, regardless of who was involved, the cameras would cut to Mr. Connaughton to tell us how to feel. Now we are happy. Now we are jumping. Now we are excitedly grabbing the other old white dude in front of us.

I thought, okay, this guy must be somebody. Was he a former Notre Dame star? A famous college basketball coach that I'd never heard of? Miss Ireland 2015?

A quick trip down Google lane revealed that he has a LinkedIn profile, and not much else. I didn't click on it. From his blue button-down and khakis I believe I have all the information I need about his career choices. He doesn't seem to have any links to basketball or Notre Dame other than his siring of a son who does.

Which then took me down the WHYYY hole again? Why, sports? Why him? Why is he miked? Why is the camera cutting to him every two seconds down the stretch? Why should we care? Why why why?

Because you know who else was there? You know who has a nephew on Notre Dame and was sitting in the crowd the entire time who actually knows a thing or two about basketball for sure? Horace. Grant. Horace stinking Grant was right there the whole time. If you're going to mic anybody during a basketball game, you mic the guy with three NBA championship rings.

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