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TV Tidbits: The Walking Dead spin-off, Game of Thrones runway model, SOOKEH

The Walking Dead spin-off will be a family drama, because family drama is what The Walking Dead does best. Sookeh may return to HBO…with BEEEELL. Brienne of Tarth walks the runway. What was that “W” all about on The Walking Dead. Apparently no one has mashed up Buttons’s death last night with “Bye Bye, Li’l... Read more »

Why my kids don't use the "correct" terms for genitalia

Why my kids don't use the "correct" terms for genitalia
Short answer: It’s gross. Sure, my kids will probably grow up hating their bodies and never being able to have sex without a scalding shower afterwards, but that’s years in the future. I could be dead by then, or living on some Del Webb compound in Arkansas, i.e. that shit’d no longer be my problem.... Read more »

TV Tidbits: George is still not writing, Netflix is trying to conquer the world

I’ve been lax in my TV updates lately, but that’s all about to change at least for today. Are you watching Better Call Saul? Make sure you’re doing that. Also make sure you’re watching Last Man on Earth. It is important that you do those things. Today in “Get back to work, George.” Diversity in... Read more »