Mmm...Seven more super snacks to keep handy

I friend of mine just posted a link to this article on Facebook that suggests seven healthy snacks to keep on hand. It inspired me to make my own counter list, because fuck no I'm not keeping "green drink powder" anywhere near my kitchen unless it has the words Kool-Aid on the box.

I hate these lists that try to make it seem like they're doing us -- and our tastebuds -- a favor, like this 98% cacao chocolate bar that tastes like wax will make us forget the bag of semi-sweet Hershey morsels in the freezer, like a beverage made from ground up and powdered broccoli will keep us from dropping a ten spot at Jamba Juice. This is a list of snacks for skinny people who have never had to worry about their weight or portion sizes.

Moderation is key. If you can't be moderate about something (a-hem, Cheetos), then you can't have them in the house.

Honestly, if you want the real skinny on what's being keeping me out of that bag of Reese's Pieces John keeps in the house, it's this: Tracking. I write down what I eat. That may sound obsessive or whatever, but it works for me. It keeps me honest, and it keeps me from grabbing one, then two, then three bags of Pirate's Booty from the box in the kitchen.

Also, organic apples (Honeycrisp or Pink Lady) cut into slices and doused with Saigon cinnamon. That's about as Goop as I'll get.

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