TV Tidbits: Super Bowl counter programming; your certain, imminent death

Billy Crystal wants to see less sex, gay or otherwise, on TV. The world would like to continue seeing no Billy Crystal sex on TV, thank you.

FOX is rebooting The X-Files and Prison Break because it's been a minute. Actually, yeah. It's been, like, literally a minute since those shows went off the air. Coming next year: A whole new Glee!

HBO is airing a behind-the-scenes Game of Thrones doohickey on Feb. 8. And you don't even have to buy an IMAX ticket to see it!

Noah Emmerich could return for The Walking Dead's prequel (wait, it's a prequel now?)

Looking for Super Bowl counter programming? (Of course you are.) AMC is showing all of The Walking Dead episodes IN A ROW. Watch T-Dog live like you never saw him die. #neverforget

Olaf has a new FX comedy. So does Denis Leary. Does anyone else make Denis Leary's name rhyme with "Penis" in their heads? Just me?

GOB Bluth is also getting a sitcom. For the Netflix.

If you're sitting down while reading this, you will die.


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