TV Tidbits: I'm quitting TV

NOW IMAX is showing a Game of Thrones teaser in front of that Clint Eastwood shit show Oscar bait (hey, it worked!), American Sniper.

And no, I haven't seen American Sniper yet, but I can still hate it. This is the internet, after all.

Kit Harrington wants to sell you really, really expensive shoes that will murder your feet. The Black Brothers would NEVER be caught dead (and then undead and then burned in a fire, probably) in these.

The Walking Dead spin-off will not be your average, same old zombie apocalypse.

Amazon is really getting into this whole TV show business. Someone make it stop. I'm almost at the point where I stop watching TV all together because there's just too much I'm missing and I'll never catch up. Screw it. I'm out. *picks up a book*

Ah, who am I kidding? No, I'm not. *flips on The Great British Baking Show*

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