Downton Abbey's Best Lines -- Season Premiere

Downton Abbey's Best Lines -- Season Premiere

"There’s nothing simpler than avoiding people you don’t like. Avoiding one’s friends, that’s the real test." – Dowager Countess


“He wants something from me that I cannot give.” – Isobel being cheeky


“You know me. Irresistible is the middle name.” – Jimmy


"This sounds very like the type of boys’ talk I don’t allow. If you can both tear yourselves away from your smutty deliberations, I need you both upstairs." – Mr. Carson, killing the fun


“We don’t all have the option.” – Thomas, on settling down.


“Your father always told the village what they wanted.” – Dowager Countess


“I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on, that everything I believe in will be tested and held up for ridicule over the next few years.” – Mr. Carson

“Mr. Carson, they’ve been testing the system since the Romans left.” – Mrs. Hughes


“By the way, I’ve been looking into crop rotation and grain sales.” – Lady Mary

“Not every father hears that from his daughter.” – Robert


“Well, all the best people were rubbish at numbers in school.” -- Mrs Patmore on Daisy's new interest in STEM

“We need a way for you to live the truth without telling the truth.” – The pig farmer, so wise


“How old do you say I am?” -- Molesley

“I don’t know, maybe 52?” -- Baxter

“Oh.” -- Molesley

“Why, how old are you?” -- Baxter

“51.” -- Molesley


“She may not always be a cook.” Mrs. Hughes, talking about Daisy and math again

“Possibly not, but she won’t be Archimedes either.” – Mr. Carson


“Tony, I do love you, you know, in my cold and unfeeling way.” – Lady Mary


“Molesly, you look very Latin all of a sudden. Do you have Italian blood?” – Robert


“It’s time he decided if he’s fish, flesh, fowl, or good red herring.” – Dowager on Tom


“Principles are like prayers, noble of course, but awkward at a party.” Dowager Countess


“No, it is not, and can you please keep Molesley in the kitchen until his hair stops turning blue.” – Robert


“Take steps, Mr. Molesley. Take. Steps.” – Mr. Carson
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