Dear Angel Person Who Found Our Keys...

Dear Angel Person Who Found Our Keys...

I wrote a few weeks ago about how sometimes it feels like the universe is looking out for us, keeping us from causing ourselves too much harm.

But sometimes it's not the universe. Sometimes it's just a kickass person who goes out of their way to help someone instead of ignoring the situation.

On Monday, John came home and knocked on the door. "I lost my keys," he said.

We tried to retrace his steps, landing, hopefully, on the scenario where he dropped his keys in his office when he pulled his gloves out of his pocket.

When he got to work on Tuesday, the keys were not there.

He tried calling the Metra lost-and-found too late. He physically retraced his steps on the way home from the train. No keys.

Last night, the two of us sat at the dining room table while John ate dinner. I grabbed the computer to check something unrelated to the keys and an email notification popped up. It was from John's dad. "Did you lose some keys?"

Apparently John's keys had been found and taken to the nearest Binny's (as directed on the back of his key fob/rewards card). Binny's scanned the card, which was in my father-in-law's name (he loves to go to Binny's when he's in town). They emailed him and he emailed us.

We seriously thought the keys were lost. We were sure they were gone. We were prepping ourselves to shell out the money for two new car keys. But because someone did the kind thing and picked up the set and took them I don't know how far out of their way to Binny's, we don't have to.

I don't know what awesome person did this, and I don't know if I'll ever know. If I find out, I'll buy s/him a bottle of wine (from Binny's, of course).

But even if I never find out, this event has encouraged me to pay it forward, to act instead of ignore, to take the extra step. To drive someone else's keys all the way to Binny's after work just to be nice.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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