My babies are big kids now -- thank goodness

My babies are big kids now -- thank goodness
I did not drink champagne this afternoon, but I PROBABLY COULD HAVE.

John and I did something scandalous this afternoon, something we hadn't done in years. Not since, probably, the boy one was a baby, definitely not since he stopped taking naps. We watched an adult television program in the afternoon. By ourselves. In the basement.

Gives a whole new meaning to "afternoon delight."

We watched Top Chef, the whole thing, uninterrupted. The girl one wanted to rest and watch Frozen. The boy one took to his playroom to disassemble and rebuild some Legos.

For a good portion of the day, the kids played on their own. They colored the walls of a cardboard Christmas cabin John had bought them for $5 after New Year's. He put it together for them and they threw parties in their new playhouse, complete with stuffed animal guests and fake food (and some real crackers). John and I wandered around the house a little lost with the kids otherwise engaged. I organized some cabinets. He organized his DVDs and ran to the grocery store.

They're going to start needing us less and less, which is good. And sad. But mostly good.

Especially because they're becoming so fun! They have actual opinions (which they can voice verbally and calmly, without tears most of the time). I no longer feel so beholden to keeping them on a schedule, like I did when they were babies. "Ooh, we have to get home before nap time" or "It's almost bed time." Now the girl one puts herself to bed when she feels tired and the boy one is happy to read in his bed before falling asleep. And even if they do want to stay up with us on a Friday or Saturday night, they like watching movies. We've started instituting "Family Movie Night," where we take turns picking movies from a pile of kid-friendly DVDs. (Last night was my pick. The Mighty Ducks, which, what the hell was Emilio's hair color in that movie?)

They were cute babies, but they're even more remarkable people now. I'm less tired, less on edge, and less protective of my time. Because I have more of it. Hell, I even wrote this blog post.

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