5 reasons to watch Toy Story That Time Forgot this Christmas

5 reasons to watch Toy Story That Time Forgot this Christmas

Toy Story That Time Forgot is the new short holiday film from Pixar that follows Woody, Buzz, et. al. into their new, post-Andy lives with Bonnie. It aired on ABC earlier this month, but you can catch it again on December 23 AND YOU SHOULD.

Here's why:

1. Hardly any Woody and Buzz. Not that we don't love Woody and Buzz, but they've had their moments in the sun. It was high time that a new character stepped into the lead and injected some new life into the franchise. And the character with the guts to do it is...

2. TRIXIE! The cute triceratops, voiced by Kristen Schaal, takes center stage this time, which is great for a lot of reasons.

3. Trixie's adorable, but not precious. In Toy Story That Time Forgot, she's on a journey of self-discovery. She longs for Bonnie to treat her like a proper dinosaur instead of a baby reindeer or puppy. She's not a one-dimensional piece of scenery. She's not the cool chick who exists only to make the guys around her cooler by association. She's not left back in Bonnie's room to keep the home fires burning. Her purpose does not revolve around finding a man.

4. That said, this show features one of the best romances I've seen on screen all year. When Trixie and the other toys go over to Mason's house, she and Rex are thrust into a world of Battlesaurs. These Battlesaurs are tough and outfitted with armor and they keep referring to Bonnie's toys as, "Outlanders," which, of course made me think of the Outlander series, which is so known for its central romance. I will tell you, that Outlander crap has nothing on Trixie and Reptillus. He's drawn to Trixie right from the start, not for her looks, but for her brains and her strength, both of which she retains throughout the show, even when confronted with Kevin McKidd's British accent.

As their story progresses, Trixie and Reptillus help each other see the true potential within themselves. And when Reptillus goes to the window in the middle of the night to look for Trixie of the Bon-nie tribe -- dare I say it? -- it's kind of hot. This is not a story of insta-love. It's not a story where one party give up who she is in order to keep the dude. This is the story of a spunky and kind of chunky dinosaur who, through her sparkling personality, captures the attention of the hottest dinosaur in the pack.

5. Also, there's a really adorable angel cat.

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