There are ghosts in our house

I broke a towel rack the other day.

I was pushing the dishwasher (yes, we have one of those freestanding dishwashers you have to drag over to the sink and hook up to the faucet; they're so artisan right now, is what I'm sure Blake Lively would say about it). Anyway, I was pushing the dishwasher back to its regular space when I rammed it right into an old plastic towel rack that I've never once used since moving into this house eight years ago.

The towel rack used to be sandwiched between the counter and the fridge, so basically it was useless. When we bought a new fridge that wouldn't fit where the old fridge used to be and we moved the dishwasher over, it was still basically useless. And it was ugly. And plastic. And I have no idea why I didn't remove it when we painted the kitchen cabinets, oh, eight years ago.

As I unscrewed the towel rack, I thought about the people who lived here before us -- the towel rack people, you might say. We didn't know them personally, but we knew of them. They were an older couple who had been in the house since the '50s, and the decor when we moved in reflected that. And though we've changed a lot of things, there are still relics of them around the house that have become part of the milieu.

I am a very slow mover, house-wise. I lived with busted shades on our front room windows for about four years before I realized that I could replace them at Home Depot for $40. I finally got around to rehabbing the avocado powder room only after the avocado toilet overflowed and ruined the avocado powder room carpet(!). We did literally nothing to the back porch until I decided this summer that I needed a seasonal office and I finally ripped out the blue-green shag carpeting.

So, now those things are gone, and the towel rack, and little by little we're exorcising the ghosts of the previous owners from our house. Part of me is sad. The rest of me is like, it was blue-green shag carpeting. Even the old owners would wonder how the hell I managed to live with that shit for seven years. Here's what remains of the old owners.

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