Lego f*cks Elsa right in the castle

Lego f*cks Elsa right in the castle

I have been waiting for a Frozen Lego set.

Lego started dipping its toe into the Disney Princess arena last year, giving us Rapunzel's castle and Brave's something or other and Cinderella's castle. I was a more than a little disappointed in all of them. Most of the structures were made up of giant, singular pieces instead of tiny, intricate bricks. Witness: Benny's spaceship from The Lego Movie, a mere vehicle, clocked in at 940 pieces, while Cinderella's entire castle was only 646.

It appears that Lego is leery of giving girls difficult sets. The highest difficulty for a Lego Friends set (those purple "girl" Legos) is 7-12. None of the Disney princess sets go beyond 6-12, and they don't compare well to other sets from the same age range (like the Creator sets), which just *feel* more substantial, smaller bricks, fewer filler pieces, like apples and swimming flippers.

I had hope for Frozen. If ever there was a crossover boy/girl set it would be Elsa's sparkling ice palace. I mean, come on. That had Taj Mahal level shit written all over it. My son and I did the White House last year, which was, dur, made up of mostly white bricks. I figured it could be the same for Elsa's pad, only with clear and clear blue bricks. It could be glorious. It could rival Hogwarts for most awesome Lego castle.

(And, yes, I really do feel bad for thinking, "Hey, Lego should want to do a Frozen set because it will be difficult enough for boys to care." Because that sucks. Because it's true.)

But alas. It wasn't to be. Lego is giving us a 292 piece set of nothing. Sorry, girls. Enjoy the five minutes it takes you to put this bullshit together.


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