Is the Sony hack the same thing as the Fappening?

Is the Sony hack the same thing as the Fappening?

Judd Apatow tweeted the following this afternoon:



Naturally folks on Twitter jumped on him. No, having your words exposed is not the same as having your breasts exposed. Angelina Jolie finding out that you think she's a spoiled brat is not the same as everyone around the world getting the chance to see the boudoir pictures you took for your husband and then immediately deleted.


I admit it. After reading Apatow's tweet, I took a pause. I have been lapping up this Sony nonsense with utter joy. But is it wrong to find entertainment in the complete and utter breakdown of a movie studio? Should I feel bad for relishing the Regina George-ness of it all?

Is there a double standard here, one that I've been contributing to? Do leaked emails = naked pictures?

Both were created in private, for only certain eyes to see. Both contain sensitive information. Both could ruin careers and, possibly, lives.

News outlets (reputable ones, anyway) did not post or link to pictures from the Fappening. It was just reported that this was a thing that was happening (though they did release the names of the violated women -- and men -- which was not a super great thing to do). People who wanted to find the pictures only needed to plug one of the released named into Google and there they'd be.

With the Sony story, full emails are available. News outlets all over are reporting on this, giving us all the juicy dirt. There doesn't seem to be much pause when it comes to revealing the contents of the leaked information out of Sony. If anything, gossip hounds are laughing with glee at their bounty.

Sony was violated. That's true. Imagine if someone got a hold of your computer and published its contents. Imagine if that snarky email you wrote to one friend about another friend was released to the world. Imagine if that text you sent to your coworker about what an your asshole boss is was made public. Not good for your image. Probably not good for your career or your friendships. You'd be wearing egg on your face for days.

Now imagine you also had pictures of yourself -- buck ass naked, in compromising positions -- on that same computer. Imagine that those have been released to the world. Your dad can see them, your kids, your kids' teachers, your friends, your friends' husbands, the check out dude Trader Joe's who always looks at you funny. This isn't you being exposed for the catty things you've said or the dumb stuff you'd written, this is just you. Exposed.

So, no. Sorry, Judd Apatow. Not the same.

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