A Very Merry Goopsmas - 18 Gifts for Folks Who Love to Travel

Goop's gift guide came out today and it's full of great ideas for the gift giver who wants to spend between $10 and $4,000,000.

But what if you want to spend only zero dollars? Or maybe, like, up to $25 on your mom or boyfriend or some shit? Can you pamper your loved ones, Goop-style, while on a budget? The answer is a resounding "yes." Ish.

The first segment of Goop's list is for your friend or family member who's on the go. Whether it's Aunt Norma taking another trip to Branson, MO or your pretentious cousin Kevin who's on his way to Morocco AGAIN (*sigh* Will his life ever slow down? He wishes he had your life, lying on the couch, eating Cheetos, watching and rewatching every episode of Call the Midwife), everyone has someone in her life who loves to travel. This list will provide you with ideas to shower the globetrotter in your life with presents that will make his life easier and, maybe, just a little more special.




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