The Walking Dead recap, "Strangers"

The Walking Dead recap, "Strangers"


Well, that final scene was grim.

But before we get into barbecued Bob, let's talk about what led up to The Walking Dead suddenly morphing into The Most Dangerous Game.

Last week (which was a great episode; I'm sorry I didn't get to recap it because I was at a wedding where we were served hopefully not people meat), Carol showed up at Terminus just in time to save the boy ones (Bob, Rick, Glenn, and Daryl) from the anti-Temple Grandin machine. She burned up Terminus, and our zeroes found themselves back together, homeless, on the road to...???, but maybe Washington, D.C.

Tonight, they're still on the road, walking, reconnecting. Tara keeps staring oddly at Glenn and Maggie. She's fist pumping Rick. It's all very awkward.

Carol and Daryl are making jokes about how their names rhyme and they're best friends and it's such a coincidence. While they braid each other's hair, Carol tells Daryl that she doesn't want to talk about the  bad things of the past. Then he tells her to hush it because he hears something in the woods that he then immediately decides to ignore, which is always a smart play during the Zombpocalypse.

The next morning, Carl hears someone shouting, "Halp!" from a nearby rock. Being the caring young man going through puberty that he is, Carl rushes to save the man, who turns out to be Sergeant Carver, AKA the third member of The Wire to join the Dead cast, AKA I guess I should probably call him by his new name, Gabriel.

Gabriel is in priest's garb, and he appears never to have seen a walker in his life. So either A) he's been shut up inside for the past aeon, B) he was born yesterday and he's mid-life Benjamin Buttoning, or C) he's full of the shit. Rick is pretty sure he's full of the shit, but he decides to follow Fr. Gabriel back to his church anyway.

The church is in pristine condition. Sure, there are weird pictures of people and trees burning, and sure, there are hand written Bible verses, but if Carver (I'm sorry, Gabriel, as if that's his real name) has been locked up here alone for as long as he says he's been, all that seems pretty tame.

Gabriel leads a pack of our zeroes over to the food bank, where they wallow in literal shit and stagnant water (and no one worries about the diseases they might get from mucking around in that). They fight zombies and find food. All is well.

Except, back at the church, Carl has found some more suspect stuff. There are scratches on the window, indicating someone may have tried to get inside. And there's a convenient cryptic sentence etched on the siding: "You'll burn for this."

Rick is about ready to run inside yelling, "I told you so," but he bites his tongue and drinks Fr. Gabriel's church wine and hugs Judith and agrees to go to D.C. Note to everyone: Church wine makes Rick all kinds of agreeable.

Meanwhile, Bob's giving his girlfriend Sasha a meaningful kiss, even though she's just getting up to hold baby Judith. Bob may not have realized it at the time, but all of us viewers at home did. That was the kiss of death, Bob. The kiss. Of death!

Because then Bob wanders outside for a good wall (well, tree) slide and cry, before a dude jumps him (leaving an inexplicable mark on the tree that the camera seemed to find fascinating). Bob wakes up an indeterminate amount of time later and finds Gareth of Terminus standing over him, chewing on a chicken leg. Except it's not a just a chicken leg. It's Bob's chicken leg! They're eating him one limb at a time, and oh my, is he delicious!

So, that's happening. Our zeroes are now being hunted. And apparently, next week three of them have gone missing.

What do you think? Is Gabriel in on it? Was he a plant? Did he lure the zeroes over to his church to have them corralled in a ranch of sorts? Is he just a simple preacher? Is his story simply how it looks, he locked himself in the church for safety, and then, selfishly, didn't let anyone inside when they needed help? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, FR. CARVER? IS IT RANDY? ARE YOU HIDING RANDY?

Other stuff:

  1. Tara is so sorry for ever even speaking to the Governor. Now can we just let this story go? People kill people in the Zombpocalypse. We loved Herschel, but we've all moved on. I don't even remember the proper way to spell Hershchel any more? Is there a "C?" No "C?" It happened forever ago in zombie time.
  2. Carol and Daryl took an adventure out to an abandoned car, which Carol then returned to later. Was she trying to escape? Yes. And does Daryl have night vision since he was able to identify Beth's kidnapper's car in the dark from 50 feet away? Also, yes. Daryl isn't the superhero we need, but he is the one we deserve.
  3. Is it me, or has Tyreese gained some weight since he started hanging with Carol? I guess that happens when you find yourself in a secure, drama-free relationship with somebody.

What did you think of the episode?

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