Oberweis dairy truck: Your opinions matter, young white males and token white female

I was driving around this morning and crossed paths with an Oberweis delivery truck. My first reaction was, "Oh, look at those cute kids drinking milk on the side of that vehicle." My second reaction was, "Oh, look at those cute blond kids drinking milk on the side of that vehicle, and...yep, there are three boys and one girl."

(Of course I didn't get a picture of it because I don't have the camera-phone reaction speed of a Tindering 18-year-old.)

Maybe Jim Oberweis had no idea this truck was out driving around, representing his business and, simultaneously, his campaign. He's only in this race because of his business, and I refuse to separate the two.

Maybe the kids on the truck are his grandchildren and he thought they'd get a kick out of being on the side of a vehicle. (Ask Carrie Bradshaw how that worked out for her.)

To me, this truck simply illustrates how tone-deaf Jim Oberweis, your Republican candidate for the U.S Senate, the man who wants to represent the whole of the state of Illinois in the federal government, is.

The message the truck (whose tag line was something like, "For the...connoisseurs," I don't remember the exact wording, but "connoisseurs" was definitely in there) is sending is clear: Young white males, your opinions matter. We care about what you think. And we'll let one girl tag along as your sidekick. Because we'll get shit if we don't.

Diversity is a commitment, one Jim Oberweis clearly hasn't made.

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