Mad Men sucks. You're right, obviously, person who's only seen three episodes.

Mad Men sucks. You're right, obviously, person who's only seen three episodes.

I have a bee in my bonnet this morning.

It's a stupid bee, admittedly. It's a bee that would be better served making me worry about not getting ebola or that my house might become overrun with spiders.

A Facebook friend posed a simple question: Should I keep watching Mad Men?

She and her husband had watched one episode and weren't sold on the show at this point. She was wondering how long she should give it? Does it get better?

There were several comments about how they stuck with it for a few episodes before quitting (one person was willing to write off the whole critically acclaimed series after the pilot). The word "slow" was mentioned a few times, which is not an unfair assessment of Mad Men. "Slow" is one of the first words that comes to mind when I think about it, in fact. But when did "slow" become such a bad thing?

Also, essentially, "no payoff," which I do disagree with. Even if no one else knows where this show is going, Matthew Weiner definitely does and he always gets us there. And how can you know that there was no payoff if you gave up on the show before it got to the payoff?

I guess the thing that's bothering me most is the way these folks were presenting themselves as experts on the subject of Mad Men's quality even though they've only seen a few hours of the show. If I had quit Breaking Bad when I wanted to (during the first season) would I have been qualified to asses the quality of that show? No, I don't think so. Everyone would've told me to take a seat and come back after I finished Season 3.

So, jerk store, what are you asking for? -- you

Good question. I don't know. It's not like I don't pass judgement on things I don't finish. And, in some cases, I think it's fair to judge quality after a few episodes. I know I don't have to see much of Two and a Half Men to recognize it's not for me. That said, I've also given up on stuff too easily and have come back to eat my words (You're the Worst. Yes, I am. And that show is great).

Let's agree to this: If someone on Facebook asks for your opinion on something you hit and quit before it was through, just say that.

"Should I keep watching Mad Men, Facebook friends?"

"I don't know. I stopped watching after three episodes." I think that says everything you need it to say.

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