The Modern Calendar

The Modern Calendar

The year is no longer just divided into months and seasons. Thanks to social media, there are now more things to malign or celebrate in addition to the weather and seasonal decorations.

Here's what the modern social media calendar looks like.

Labor Day - Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Spicetober

Septemb-aargh 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day

October: All Sluts Day, which happens right around the same time as I-Pinterested-my-kid's-costume-from-scratch-aween

November: Movember

December: Yuletide Fails Month, which goes hand-in-hand with I-Pinterested-my-holiday-decorations-from-scratch-mas

January: Hibernation

February: TV-Sweepsuary


April: Stanley Cup tournament

May: Stanley Cup tournament

June 1-10: Thank god the stupid Stanley Cup tournament is almost over

June 11 - Forever and a day: Hockey pre-season preview

May 4-5: Cinqo de Mayo and Cinqo de Mayo Eve, AKA May the Fourth

July: Tweet My BBQ Meats Month, followed closely by Tweet Pictures of My Burns in the Emergency Room Month

July - February: Bears

July 15 - August 31: Vacation. Shit shuts down.

Mid-August: SHARK WEEK

What did I miss? What else should we add to the calendar?


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