Fall TV Review: The Mysteries of Laura

Fall TV Review: The Mysteries of Laura


Airs: Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC

Premise: Cop Mom, Mom Cop. Debra Messing is (you'll hear me say this a lot this season) a woman with a VERY IMPORTANT JOB and a VERY MESSED UP PERSONAL LIFE.

Behind the Scenes: Debra Messing stars (in this remake of the Spanish show, Los misterios de Laura, fresh off the death of Smash. The show also stars blue-eyed, low-rent McConaughey, Josh Lucas and (at least in the pilot) Enrico Colantoni, AKA Keith Mars, AKA a professional detective who is way too competent for this shit.

The Good: Um...Did I mention Keith Mars and Josh Lucas's blue eyes?

The Bad: This is just weak. The whole thing is weak. The parenting is weak. The police work is weak. The mysteries are weak. The drama is weak. Why watch this mess when you've got way better messes, like Scandal, in the offing?

Come Back Next Week? Sorry, Laura.

Grade: D

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