Fall TV Review: Madam Secretary

Fall TV Review: Madam Secretary


Airs: Sundays on CBS, after football and The Good Wife

Premise: Ex-CIA analyst turned professor, wife, mother, and horse owner is tapped as the new Secretary of State, after the old Secretary of State dies in a plane crash.

Behind the Scenes: The series was created by Barbara Hall, of Judging Amy fame(?), who also wrote some Homeland episodes, hence the whole CIA analyst bent.

The Good: Tea Leoni, who stars as the titular "Madam Secretary," is a welcome TV presence. So are Tim Daly, Bebe Neuwirth, and Zeljko Ivanek (who is in all the things, playing the same character, but playing him well). Unlike the other ladies with important jobs who have new series this fall, Madam Secretary is less of a basket case in her personal life. So far.

The Bad: It moves too fast. We're thrust from Tea and Tim being all cute and professorial to Tea being made Secretary of State in about five minutes. There's no time to get your bearings or to develop any sort of connection to these characters. The show seems very concerned about capturing the case-of-the-week, post-football audience.

Come Back Next Week? I won't, but you could do worse.

Grade: C+
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