Fall TV Review: Black-ish

Fall TV Review: Black-ish


Airs: Wednesday 9:30/8:30c on ABC

Premise: Newly-minted upper-level advertising executive wants his family, living in a predominantly white neighborhood, to remember their black roots. I think.

Behind the Scenes: Larry Wilmore of The Daily Show was initially showrunner, but he left and now it's run by...someone who is not Larry Wilmore. The show stars Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and grown-up little Larry Fishburne. I have a sneaking suspicion this show was called "Keeping It Real" at some point during production.

The Good: The cast is pretty great. Anderson and Ross are very talented sitcom actors, and that is a compliment. The kids show promise, especially the boy who plays the couple's oldest son (Marcus Scribner). The show has a lot of potential (if it can get past its original premise), and fits in nicely with the rest of ABC's Wednesday block of family comedies.

The Bad: The premise. It feels a little half-baked. I'm not sure exactly what Anthony Anderson's character wants his family (who all seem pretty happy and well-adjusted) to do. He's upset that he's been tapped to cover the "urban" clients at work, but at the same time, he wants his family to be more "urban." I feel like this should be very cut and dried, but it was muddled in the pilot. Lawrence Fishburne is basically a cranky, horny old grandpa.

Come Back Next Week? Sure.

Grade: B

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