Fall is Fabulous: An Ode

Fall is Fabulous: An Ode
These are my decorative gourds.

For a moody layabout like me,

Fall's the season I long to see.

You can keep your summer steeze.

I'll embrace the autumn breeze.

In sweaters I will wrap my arms,

For apples I will visit farms.

I know the sun has its delights,

But I want early autumn nights.

Don't worry 'bout my health, you see,

For I've this thing of Vitamin D.

My pedicure is past its prime,

Signaling it's bootie time.

Candy corns and fun-sized bars,

Creamy soups and heated cars.

Back to school and back to pants,

Fashion week and political rants.

Walking past Halloween decor,

Buying costumes fast before

All the Elsa gowns are taken

And my kid's stuck with Kevin Bacon.

(Would that we could dress as he,

I'd go as Kev in R.I.P.D.)

What will be the best new show?

Will there be a film that doesn't blow?

You can keep your pumpkin spice,

And your kids can keep their lice.

You can have your NFL

And college football, my personal hell.

I'll be on the couch all day

Reading under my duvet,

Drinking cups and cups of tea

Where football cannot bother me,

Because even the awfulness of fall

Really ain't so bad at all.


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