Who should star in the all-female Ghostbusters reboot

There has been talk the past few days that Paul Feig might grab the helm of the long-awaited Ghostbusters 3. Nothing is set in stone, but there are "reports." And where there are "reports" there's a lot of speculation.

Ghostbusters 3 has been hinted at forever. Bill Murray doesn't want it. Harold Ramis is indisposed. Dan Akroyd has nothing going on, presumably, neither does Ernie Hudson. But do people really want their Ghostbusters at 50% power?

Now that Feig is "rumored" to be "in talks" to direct the new Ghostbusters, speculation is that he'll amp it up with vag power because he's the king and savior of lady-centric cinema. Bow down to him, Uterus-Americans! He hath brought you Bridesmaids and The Heat!

As much as I'm gagging at the notion that Paul Feig is the Jesus that will lead us into the the promised land where Hollywood makes movies for women on the regular and not just as a novelty or to throw us a bone, I do love the idea of rebooting Ghostbusters with women.

1) There's no way Ghostbusters 3: Original Spice was going to be anything other than awful. Just know that and accept it. Remember how shocked you were when Toy Story 3 was amazing? That's a once in a lifetime thing. Threequels a million years after the fact usually do not turn out so well.

2) I've been angling for someone to take an old script and basically reboot it with nothing changed except the gender of each character (and maybe some pronouns). This would be a great opportunity to try that out. With a few changes. I have big ideas for the Annie Potts character.

Here's who I think should play the new Ghostbusters.

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