BlogHer '14: Branding Self-Esteem

BlogHer '14: Branding Self-Esteem
Kim Dale and I are enough.

"I'm enough I'm enough I'm enough I'm enough I'm enough."

These words have been twirling through my head for the past several days, much to my chagrin. I do not want them there. It's not that I don't think "I'm enough," I know I'm e-fucking-nough. I also know that I'm not a fan of message music, anthems that turn women into the monolith we're always insisting we're not, songs that boil us down to being sad sacks who can't see our worth without a musical reminder. The Meredith Brooks's "Bitch" for the blogging age.

See, BlogHer 2014 launched a band last weekend -- The Mrs., five ladies dedicated to making music for women like them. They also started an "I'm Enough" mirror campaign, which is a lot like if Stuart Smalley lived inside the wicked queen's looking glass.

I had a few issues with the whole package of song and band (not to mention the mirror project, which, I can't). These Austin-based ladies were serviceable enough musicians. I'm not saying that different women would've necessarily made the song better, musically. I'm not sure much could make the song better, musically. I'm just saying, here are the five women, telling you that you are "enough." Click over there for a second. What sticks out?

Are you with me? What does the fact that this band is made up of five conventionally attractive, thin, white women say to those who are none of those things? Are you "enough" if you're a woman of color? Are you "enough" if you have short hair and shop at Lane Bryant?

Maybe I'm being cynical, but I also think it's cynical to form a band to further an agenda, to promote something other than the music. If the message is your brand, then you really have to think about the message you're sending. The Mrs., as far as art is concerned, are are no better than the Spice Girls.

And at least the Spice Girls were a hair bit more diverse.


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