What Are Your Movie and TV Dealbreakers?

Last week, Vince Mancini over at Uproxx wrote a piece about movie "dealbreakers" - those films that you use to gauge your compatibility with others in relationships or friendships.  It came in the wake of a story about a woman who divorced her husband because he didn't like Frozen.

That seems like a questionable move to me, but I totally get the concept of a "dealbreaker" early on in a relationship.  When you don't know much about a person, their taste in movies, television, and other pop culture is a reliable way to determine whether you want to get to know them better.  This doesn't just apply to romantic relationships.  Many friendships are also built on a foundation of pop cultural synergy.

Now, as we discuss this, I think there's a difference between one's favorite movie or TV show, and a "dealbreaker."  I mean, c'mon, my favorite movie is Mission: Impossible III.  Not a lot of folks share that sentiment.  But, I wouldn't take offense if someone hated that movie.  It's MY favorite.  I like that it's mine.  I like that nobody else on the planet's favorite movie is M:I-3.  If your favorite movie is, say, The Shawshank Redemption - throw a stick and you'll hit about 10 others who agree with you.  M:I-3 is special to me, and I have to fight for its credibility in conversations with movie literate folks, but it's not a "dealbreaker."  Believe me.  I get that it's not the greatest movie ever made.

No, a "dealbreaker" to me can be two things.  First, it's a movie or TV show that you hate or disrepect so much, the fact that someone else likes it or enjoys it can't help but negatively color your opinion of them.  Second, it's a piece of entertainment that so defines your outlook in life, or your sense of humor, or your understanding of what is art, that if someone disagrees, it's an automatic strike against them.  It is an easy indicator that you may not be compatible.  Oh sure, you can get along with that person or a surface level.  Maybe even hang out one-on-one for limited periods of time.  But you're never going to be best friends.  You're never going to want to date or marry that person.

I've got my own list of "dealbreakers" which I'll explain in the first four photos in the gallery below, but to expand the scope of this piece, I threw the question out to others in my Facebook feed, and here are the results:

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