Prom-a-lama-ding-dong: Jessica McClintock Dresses

Here's me finally posting the prom pictures and stories I collected in memory of the Jessica McClintock dress company, which is no more.

I love the stories from these ladies. Some of them went with lady friends to the prom, which probably sounded like a good, low-key idea, but, in one case, ended up being a colossal mess. Elena's story is quite epic, and I love that the prom ended up being very poorly attended due to strict no-alcohol rules and food poisoning. Whitney bought her Jessica McClintock dress off her cousin for a buck, which, nice. And Erin's date ditched her for one of their teachers.

I, for one, loved senior prom. No horror stories to report (other than my hair). I didn't have a boyfriend, and I always had a lot of trouble scrounging up dates for dances (this usually ended with me begging my cousin who went to another school to set me up with one of his friends as well as my own friends begging me to set them up with my cousin). But for senior prom, a delightful (and very cute) guy I had known for most of high school asked me out of the blue one day in the library. Well, I don't know if it was out of the blue for him, but it was for me.

We had a fun time, danced a lot, and then went up to Lake Geneva for the rest of the weekend with a bunch of other hooligans. We partied hearty while riding on boats and (if I'm remembering correctly) partaking in a makeshift Kairos retreat in the middle of the night. Because nothing says "badass prom weekend" like prayer and reflection.

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