Game of Thrones Winners and Losers: The Mountain and the Viper

It's not easy to find winners in Westeros right now. Everyone is balls deep (sorry, Grey Worm) in garbage. That's what happens when we get to the final three episodes of a Game of Thrones season. Shit starts to get rough and real.

Looking back on the season so far, there are only a few people who have been consistent winners -- Tywin, Ramsay, and Littlefinger. All of them delightful humans. This show really likes to let good things happen to good people, that's for sure. The biggest losers have been Jaime and Tyrion, and, obviously, those guys are the worst.

We did get to see one of the biggest losers of the season lie her way onto the winners' list. But that's the kind of thing that happens naturally when you allow Littlefinger to take you under his wing. You immediately become a winner. More people (I'm talking to you, still-breathing Starks) should try this tactic.

Who do you think won and lost the week?

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