Game of Thrones Winners and Losers: Oathkeeper

This week in Game of Thrones winners and losers, I'm all about seeing characters getting their comeuppance (or hoping they get their comeuppance). Certain people have gotten a bit too big for their smallclothes, is what I'm saying, and I'm not talking about Hodor. Hodor is perfect. So is Ser Pounce. I think we all can agree that Hodor and Ser Pounce should get their own Perfect Strangers-style sitcom spin-off. Called, probably, Hodor! I hear Ser Pounce is available.

There has been a lot of chatter this week about the liberties the show has taken with the source material. This has mostly paid off in the past, so I'm keeping the faith. Though I do wonder what will happen when Bran and Jon inevitably almost cross paths. And I worry that perhaps one of the Reeds (probably Meera) might not make it out of Craster's Keep alive. See? The show is suspenseful, even for those of us who have already read the books. How will Hodor get out of those chains?!? What's wrong with Summer? Maybe Summer is fine, and he busts Ghost out of that cage and the two of them tear out the throats of all the mutinous Night's Watchmen. I'd be fine with that happening. Direwolves gotta eat.

And then there's the whole Jaime conundrum. Last week he raped his sister; this week he's handing out gifts and making nice with his brother. I'm betting the Game of Thrones writers would like a do-over on that there sept scene, make it a little more obvious that Cersei was fine with what was happening.

Who's on your list of winners and losers?

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