Watching sex scenes with your parents

Watching sex scenes with your parents

HBO has created a great ad campaign for their mobile HBO GO app. It's a series of videos depicting one family awkwardly watching HBO television together -- from sex scenes and difficult adult topics to mom thinking Jon Snow Robb Stark (I know nothing, Jon Snow) is Paul Rudd. The AV Club has all of the videos here. They're fantastic. Watch them.

Have you ever had an awkward sex scene moment with your parents? I remember watching Pretty Woman back in junior high with my mom, and her making me close my eyes while she fast forwarded through all the sex scenes. And my aunt didn't mind us watching people eat monkey brains or tear other people's hearts out, but when Indy kissed Willie in Temple of Doom? Well, that was too much. She edited that scene right off the VHS tape. And then there was the one time in college where my friend's minister father was hanging out in the apartment and we all had to sit through Robert De Niro getting a blow job in Analyze This. Fun times.

So what's your awkward sex scene moment?

I've typed the word "awkward" so many times it just looks...awkward.


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