Summer Movie Forecast 2014: Predicting the Biggest Hits and Misses

This Friday's release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 marks the official start of the summer movie season.  Oh sure.  It may seem like we're already in the throes of summer blockbusters, what with the April 4 release of the hugely profitable (and hugely awesome) Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  But, that was just a warm-up.  Audiences are going to be treated to the typical glut of superheroes, sequels, and reboots over the next four months.  If that's not your bag, well, see you in October.  Some of these movies will rise to the occasion, some will fall, and some will probably just leave us shaking our heads in collective disgust.  Here's my annual attempt to look in my crystal ball and predict the biggest hits and misses of the summer movie season, complete with projected box office totals for the hits.  Mind you, I'm not vouching for the quality of any of these yet.  Hard to do that without seeing them.  I'm just calling out their commercial potential at this point.  Let's get to it.

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